Platinum Coating

Johnson Matthey's revolutionary Advanced Coatings Technology offers enhanced control and durability to the glass manufacturing industry. With a thin layer of platinum applied to ceramic manufacturing equipment, the detrimental effects of corrosion owing to extreme temperature exposure are reduced, greatly increasing the service lifetime of equipment and enhancing process control.

In the manufacture of glass replacement of large parts can be time consuming and expensive, Advanced Coatings Technology reduces the urgency and frequency of such action, bringing with it financial and technological benefits.

Advanced Coatings Technology can be applied to a variety of ceramic components from any area of the manufacturing process. In many cases, partial coating or semi-coated inserts can be applied, reducing the amount of platinum and investment required.

Ceramic substrates that can be used with Advanced Coatings Technology include:

  • bubblers
  • bushing blocks
  • danner sleeves
  • feeder chambers
  • furnace blocks
  • orifice rings
  • plungers & tubes
  • spout bowls
  • stirrers
  • thermocouple.