Nitro Technologies

Supplying catalysts for the production of Nitric Acid, HCN, Caprolactam and N2O abatement.

Johnson Matthey has been involved in metallurgy for nearly 200 years and therefore it stands to reason that we are the world leaders in the supply of catalyst gauzes and catchment gauzes for a number of industrial applications.

Offering experienced technical support and continual research and development Johnson Matthey can work together with our customers to provide a tailor made catalyst system resulting in improved performance which is obviously critical with today's economy. For further information on each of the catalyst gauze or catchment systems please refer to each of the individual product pages.

Nitro-Technologies has also had to branch out over the past few years following the growing concern around nitrous oxide emissions from nitric acid plants. Nitro-Technologies has therefore developed a base metal catalyst for nitrous oxide abatement and also following an agreement in February 2006 are the sole marketing agents for the N2O abatement catalyst developed by Yara International A.S.A.

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