Johnson Matthey Australia produces precision, high-purity platinum products for the medical industry, with a focus on the needs of manufacturers of medical devices and components. High-purity grades of precious metal materials such as platinum and its alloys are processed with high-precision equipment and managed through high-compliance manufacturing, testing and traceability systems to meet the stringent requirements of biomedical manufacturers.

We are able to provide customer-specific fabricated precious metal forms such as sheet, tubing, foil, fine and multi-strand wire. In addition, with our specialist knowledge of precious metals and ability to manage them securely, Johnson Matthey is well placed to offer a range of manufacturing solutions to customers wanting to outsource full or part production processes from their current operations.

Expert design services are available to provide support, ideas and solutions for the design needs of the medical device industry. We specialise in sample preparation, OEM product development, prototype quantities and qualification support.

Underpinned by ISO accreditation, long-standing quality systems and extensive overall experience, Johnson Matthey is well placed in its professional support to medical device manufacturers.