Fabricated Wire and Rod

Drawing on extensive experience in the precious metals industry, Johnson Matthey Australia manufactures and supply a range of high-purity precious metal wires for industry. Premium-quality gold, silver and platinum group metal alloys, and perfected methods of wire-drawing and extrusion ensure that the highest quality of product is provided, with consistency and reliability guaranteed.

Many forms and sizes are available ex-stock, or customers can order to any specific dimensions. For prototype and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) forms, our expert metallurgists are available to recommend the particular precious metal alloy or fabricated wire to suit your purpose.

Fine Wire and Rod

Johnson Matthey Australia offers a range of materials, including fine wire, drawn and straightened rod, and machined rod. State of the art analyses and well-proven manufacturing methods, processes and metallurgical controls make sure that purity, dimensional and tensile requirements are maintained consistently. Straightened wire and rod are available in a range of lengths and precious metal alloys.

Element Material Diameter Range (mm) [min / max]
Pt Platinum 99.95% 0.075 / 27.0
Au Gold 99.95% 0.10 / 20.0
Au Gold 99.99% 0.10 / 20.0
Ag Silver 99.95% 0.10 / 20.0
Pt/Ir Platinum / Iridium 5% 0.075 / 8.0
Pt/Ir Platinum / Iridium 10% 0.075 / 8.0
Pt/Ir Platinum / Iridium 20% 0.03 / 25.0
Pt/Rh Platinum / Rhodium 5% 0.075 / 8.0
Pt/Rh Platinum / Rhodium 10% 0.075 / 8.0
Pt/Rh Platinum / Rhodium 20% 0.03 / 25.0

Smaller sizes and higher purities are available upon request. Minimum order quantities may apply

Multi-Strand Wire

Multi-strand wires are available in gold and platinum group metal alloys and can be produced to a range of thicknesses and to a number of strands. Our dedicated processes ensure that products can be made to order for specific OEM or prototype requirements. Individual wire strands from 0.025mm to 0.075mm can be combined in a range of bundled multi-strand formations to provide superior flexibility and repetitive movement characteristics.

Typical Multi-Strand Examples

Wire Diameter Minor Strands Major Strands Total Strands
0.025 3 3 9
0.075 4 7 28

Standard Spool Sizes

Type Bore Hole Diameter (mm) Flange Diameter (mm) Barrel Diameter (mm) Width (mm)
Spool 1 15.9 63.5 37.7 69.9
Spool 2 15.9 44.5 31.55 38.1